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The corona virus has taken its toll on the planet as a measure of human behavioural correction. In many of the cases observed, this epidemic wether man induced or nature induced or both; stands to do one thing…..slow down the pace of living.

” The fact is for a very long time coming there has been several request for progressive retraction of life’s pace developed by humans since technology’s nature did’nt pay much attention to the ramification of this fast pace movement aided by finance, an intervention was required. “

Below I will attempt to describe what the current meaning of event stands for using a series of capture. this capture enables us to calculate in time what might happen based on current actions taken.

According to an independent source, the rate of spread of this virus, fatality and recovery when recorded can be seen to result in:

1st shot- Captured (3 PM)
2nd shot- Captured (6 PM)

3rd shot- Captured (9.30 PM)

Following this trend it is easy to deduce what could happen in the leading days.

Initial study value at approximately – 246,275 confirmed 10,038 was lost and 86,036 recovering – (Capture 1). In approximately 3 hours – out of newly 9,030 confirmed, 406 lost and 1,315 recovered – (Capture 2). In approximately further 3 hours shift in time – out of 3,114 added confirmed, lost 833 and 26 recovered – (Capture 3)

The virus is confirmed to start showing presence in the host as a symptom in approximatly 14 days, it is expected to remain or leave the host in 14 to 21 days – or + depending on the host’s immunity.

So the idea of the isolation is to stop the spread and at the same time reduce the case of this epidemic (whilste engaging in self reflection/correction) how long? it is anyone’s guess ….. this is where it all becomes a dynamic trend as the factors it depends on remains unknown to the common human.

Currently capture 3 is not looking very good and we hope for the best in coming analysis.

Stay tuned…..

Love and Healing goes to all affected.

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